Why I Write

It may be a little late to do an introduction, but hey, why not now? Let’s tackle the question of why I write.

From a young age I always loved writing little books and stories for my classes. It was entertainment for myself and for those who I wanted to read those books. As I got older I found deeper topics to write about and the process became a bit more cathartic for the feelings I had as a teenager. After high school I continued to follow the writing process for personal benefit as I experimented with different styles, stories, and characters. There are more than a few notebooks laying in a landfill somewhere with these old works still in them.

As I worked my way through college I attempted the creative writing path, only to become disillusioned with the process. I continued my writing practice in a new curriculum and shifted gears away from fiction and fantasy as my schooling became more scientific. This practice continued for another 20 years as I worked in various fields from chemistry to live streaming. Now for the past fifteen years I have been focusing on self-help blogging with some of the ideas that come to mind every now and then. Perhaps you can see from my archives that I’m not exactly prolific in this area, and for good reason.

Despite my best intentions to help people with the various topics that cross my mind, the truth is that I’m not 100% vested in the field. If I was then I could make a viable business out of it. The truth is that I am more drawn to my roots as a fiction and fantasy writer. Yet, at the same time, I cannot ignore everything I’ve learned since getting out of college. I have done a lot with my life and I want to share my experiences.

To that end I have been working on a number of short stories with imbedded lessons on how to improve various aspects of your life. These stories may come as one off scenes, or even as whole series of related stories. The point is to entertain as well as teach at a level higher than the stories you would read as a child.

You can find the first of these stories under the category entitled: “The Boy in the Wood”.

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