A Daily Mantra

Don’t Stop. Don’t Slow Down. Don’t Succumb.

These words pounded over and over in my head this afternoon as I approached the cold water of my shower. This wasn’t just cold water, this was ice cold, the coldest the pipes can manage in 80+ degree weather. I stepped into the shower and felt the familiar rush as my body started cooling off.

I had never really used this mantra before that moment. It came to me out of the ether and really fit the moment and my mood as of late. I even knew immediately what each part meant. I’ll break it down.

Don’t Stop. This seems fairly straight forward, but think about how easy it is to stop. In any endeavor we undertake the ability to stop is always there. I could have stopped before stepping into the cold water. I could have stopped before writing this post. You can stop, but then you never get the benefit of pressing on.

Don’t Slow Down. This one can also read “Don’t Think About It”. If we’re after a goal, or feverishly working on a project, think about how easy it is to slow down and think about what we’re doing. Or worse yet, to rethink what we’re doing. I’m not talking about the quick thought processes that run through our heads while we’re in thrall, those are alright and expected. But cross examining and rethinking what we’re doing leads to a dark place of stagnation and analysis paralysis.

Don’t Succumb. There will always be the dark thoughts that enter our minds. The doubt, the comparisons, the evil and belittling voices that echo in the silent moments. This part of the mantra is a reminder to push back against those voices. Don’t let them gain a foothold, for they have a domino effect on us. The voices enter, we listen, we slow down, and finally we stop.

This is a mantra that I choose to repeat as much as possible in the coming days and weeks. This is a mantra that will get me through what I need and want to do. Take this and use it for yourself.

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