Hard Work & Distraction

Nothing relieves you from the burdens of hard work. There should be nothing but hard work. Think back to a time when work was light, or when you held down a part-time job when you were younger. The work was easy, and the boredom was heavy. I like to call these types of days “Workday-Lite”, all the pay with a fraction of the work. During these times you would sit idle and chat, or perhaps log into the latest social feed. Perhaps you would play a game on your phone or online. Distraction has become the cure for workday-lite.

The problem with this workday-lite mentality is that there is never really a light workday. Just because the main objective of your work is lacking, whether there is a lack of projects or even a scarcity of customers, doesn’t mean it’s a day to slack off and take it easy. There are always things to do, machines to fix or clean, systems to optimize, procedures to run through. A light day is a perfect time to improve.

Even the lightest workday should leave you feeling like you’ve won a great battle.

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