A Slight Change in Direction

Well, that was a well-deserved break. For those who have been following you probably noticed that I took the weekend off from publishing. One reason was not being prepared with articles ahead of time, so there’s some negative cred towards being a control freak. In other news, I haven’t forgotten about my post about whether the control freak exists, I’m just stepping back for a bit to get a better angle on the matter. That said, I’m altering the posting strategy for the site. For the bulk of the week I’ll be putting out smaller posts like this one with a couple ideas or musings, then aim for a larger post by the end of the week. I’ve felt like last week’s experiment with the control freak wasn’t as well thought out as I would have liked it to be.

For this week’s post I’ll try to answer a question that was posed to me last week by a friend of mine. What is the difference between self-control and discipline. I’ll delve into that throughout the week and have a larger post about it around Friday. Let’s see how that work.

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