Who or What is the Control Freak?

Let’s start our discussion with a definition.

con·trol freak



noun: control freak; plural noun: control freaks

  1. a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation.

Thank you, Google, for the assist! Now, as you can probably see from last week’s discussion my whole platform is based on the idea of control. Now, does that make me a control freak? Honestly, I don’t really know. Based on the description above any sane person would automatically declare themselves anything but. Of course, you’ll run across the occasional joker who agrees that they themselves are a control freak, and chances are they don’t really know the true depth of the meaning and are wholly willing to let shit slide when they should be controlling it.

Now, given the description I’ve got plenty of ideas on topics for the coming week. First, we’ll take apart the description and look at those people who feel an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves. We’ve seen this before in the people who are obsessive about counting calories or making sure that they’re doing things perfectly. Next, we’ll look at those who feel the need to control others. This is a particularly dark area on the topic of control. There are ways to control people that we’re fully familiar with, and those that are subversive. We’ll take a look at those types who like to take control of situations around midweek and finally round out the week with a discussion on whether or not the control freak really exists.

I realize that this post is hitting the web a bit on the late side, almost 12 hours after my dedicated posting time, so I guess that calls my control freak nature into question. However, it’s always good to spend time with my kids.

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