The Types of Control

You’ve done it, congratulations! You’ve found your anger and you want to retake control in your life. You may, however, be wondering what that might mean. Let’s review a couple concepts from Sunday’s post and introduce a few more.

Positive Control

Positive control is control you are exerting on your surroundings. Positive control flows from you when you are consciously performing actions towards a specific end goal of your choice. Positive control is what we’re aiming for.

Negative Control

Negative control is when external forces are exerting control on you. While not necessarily bad, there are types of negative control we want to avoid. Making uninformed decisions while being pressured by a third party is a good example.

These two types of control play off each other, much like how yin and yang energy flow and transform into each other. I’ll explore that idea in more depth in a later posting. For now, it’s important to know how each affects your ability to move towards your goals. Stated simply, positive control gets you closer to your end goal while negative control gets you nowhere.

Neutral Control

There’s a third type of control that I’ll touch on briefly, and that’s neutral control. Neutral control tricks you into believing you are in control when the reality is a bit different. Look for a more in-depth explanation on neutral control on Thursday.


Finally (for now) there’s the idea of equilibrium. Equilibrium is the state we exist in when input is equal to output. The purpose of control and acting through control is to raise our state of equilibrium to a higher level. Deliberately disrupting equilibrium, say by learning a new skill, or even getting off the couch occasionally has the potential to alter our resting state of equilibrium. It is our goal to continually disrupt our equilibrium into higher and higher states. Doing so gets us closer to our end goals.

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